Now TV

Festive Finds

In the run up to Christmas 2017 I illustrated this fun festive guessing game for NOW TV called 'Festive Finds'.

Commissioned by WCRS London, the scene is packed full of visual clues relating to 50 movie and tv shows that are available to stream over the festive season. 

The illustration was built into an interactive guessing game where people can play and then share their scores on social media in order to win prizes. 

It's actually incredibly difficult! If I hadn't had illustrated it I think I could probably get around 25-30 correct. I've noticed a few people claiming the big 50 out 50 though, so it is possible! 

If you want to have a go you can play here.

The creative brief for this project was to design a busy christmas scene containing a crowd of characters and visual clues that would correspond with the list of 50 tv & movie titles. 

Together with the art director & producer at WCRS we landed upon the idea of a christmas themed film set. This type of scene works as a perfect vessel for containing the bizarre mix of characters and situations that would need to sit along side each other and keep it relatively in context.

Constructing this scene was actually a little tricky! Ordinarily I like to create flat one dimensional backgrounds for my work. However that type of approach was impossible for this piece because I needed to generate a clear depth of field to depict a contrast between the film set style backgrounds and the film studio itself.

In order to make the clear distinction between studio and set, I designed the scene to be a bit more two dimensional. Showing things like the sides of buildings and painted backdrops propped up with wooden legs. It was quite a different approach for me but I'm really happy with the outcome. 

I also had a lot of fun drawing such a wide variety of characters. My personal favourite is the polar bear on a train. (Polar Express... shh...)

I used to love these sorts of games when I was a kid so getting to create one myself was a real treat. It's exciting to think people will be studying this piece in depth looking at every detail trying to get the clues.

This was a real pleasure to work on, thanks to everyone involved in making it happen. I'd love to do more of these kinds of projects in the future.