Say it with Pepsi

Emoji design work for Pepsi's summer campaign 'Say it with Pepsi'. 

Working with BBDO Canada I designed 60 'PepsiMoji'. 

36 designs were printed upon cans and bottles, the rest were used across various marketing strategies including a downloadable keyboard app.  Art direction by Mark Hesse & Tony Lee.

Being given the rare opportunity to alter the packaging design of such an iconic global brand is still hard to comprehend. It was exciting, scary, challenging and above all a lot of fun.

This was an interesting project for me as I had to slightly simplify my illustration style to fit the brief and brand guidelines but I am really happy with the results and it seems (judging by social media response) that the public are too. This is in no small part thanks to the incredible talent and attention to detail of creative team Mark Hesse and Tony Lee as well as the Pepsi Canada team who gave me this incredible opportunity, not only to work on this campaign but to travel to Canada and work in-house with them and the rest of the team at BBDO in Toronto.