Do Bigger Things

A collaboration/marketing campaign I worked on for Samsung Taiwan to market the new Galaxy Note 8 smart phone.

The brief for this campaign was split into two parts. The first part involved Samsung flying me to Taipei and giving me a guided tour of the city which included visits to the night market of Raoch, Dadaocheng Xia-Hai God Temple, and we even hiked to the top of Xiangshan (aka Elephant Mountain)

I'd capture the scenery around me using the Galaxy Note 8 and combine the photographs with my characters using the S Pen to digitally illustrate over the top of them. 

I also participated in a series of press conferences, a fan Q&A at the Samsung store, and even appeared on the evening news during my stay in the city!

The second part of the brief was to write, direct and animate a short film about my experiences in Taipei to premiere at Nuit Blanche, the worlds largest all-night art festival.

The film was introduced by the mayor of Taipei, and projection mapped onto the University of Taiwan Library building in front of 10,000 people whilst the Taipei Symphony Orchestra played a live soundtrack.

Here's the animation I created below

I wanted to create something that had a flowing feel to it, an almost hypnotic and psychedelic experience which reflected the intensely enjoyable culture shock I was feeling during my trip. 

I also made sure to highlight the different places I visited. The night markets, elephant mountain, taxi rides through the city even the fact the animation was being projected onto a library building got referenced at the end. 

Samsung then extracted elements of my animation and constructed them into a physical interactive space for Nuit Blanche attendees to visit and test out their latest devices. 

They even created a series of limited edition phone cases!

This was such a wonderful and creatively satisfying project, where I got to experience new things, try out new techniques and see my work in a completely new context.

A massive thanks to the team at Samsung, Leo Burnett Taiwan, Project manager Tokie Jyun and to my incredible agents at Bee's Knee's Tokyo. 

These are the kind of projects you live for. A complete dream.